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Frestems is on a mission to prevent unnecessary deaths, caused by failing or defective solutions for the battlefield. We want to create a solution, that helps the military medical personnel on the field to success in their job efficiently.

In military ambulance vehicles, the solution for interior design is one of the most important things when dealing in hectic, hostile and challenging situations. We design and manufacture the leading interior design, that covers everything to save lives and evacuate in the most safe, fast and efficient way possible.

To become the leading manufacturer, we have built a team full of special expertise – our strong know-how has its roots originally in civilian ambulance markets. Now for over 15 years we have served the military customers to innovate solutions, that will help rise survivability and reduce pre-hospital mortality.

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Our History

From a blacksmith’s workshop to a professional military business practice

The very beginning of Frestems was in 1918, when Toivo Vuorenoja started as a blacksmith’s apprentice. This young man was highly skilled and productive, and being a blacksmith wasn’t enough for him – so he began inventing and developing many kinds of tools and products, which later led him to make stretchers.

After decades, Toivo retired and his sons Timo and Eero continued with the family business. Closing 2000’s the company vas divided into two separate, yet closely linked companies: Eero concentrated on making stretchers under the name Pensi Rescue Oy, while Timo started his own development of stretcher loading systems. Timo’s product was made for the military markets, under the name of Frestems Oy.

The company still runs by the family, now by Toivo’s grandchildren. Frestems has grown into the leading military-focused company in Europe, mainly for it’s stretcher loading systems. The strong know-how in ambulance systems has its roots in civilian markets, but the products and services has been provided mainly for military customers now for over 15 years.

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