Military Ambulance Design & Solutions

To serve and protect those whom protect us, Frestems designs, develops and manufactures equipment, solutions and systems for patient evacuation and military ambulance interior.

Our products and services all meet the most demanding requirements, and are created to help to prevent unnecessary deaths on the roughest, most hostile environments.

In military ambulance and evacuation vehicles the internal layout and logistics are the top priority. They must never malfunction and always strive to give the medical personnel the best chance of saving lives, working with maximum efficiency and staying safe.

In Frestems we work our hardest to increase patient survivability by developing our products to offer the best ergonomics, logistics, safety and usability for the military users.

Battle proven solutions

ProMIL Products

Frestems own ProMIL line of products consists of different types of loading systems and other ambulance modules. They are designed for the most efficient and ergonomic loading and evacuating of patients in the hostile and demanding environments. All of the products fulfill even the toughest military requirements.


Customized Stretcher Systems

To work in the most extreme environment and situations, the military ambulances and evacuation vehicles must meet very demanding requirements. In Frestems we design, develop and manufacture stretcher loading and transportation systems, that meet all of those demands. If needed, our existing products can be flexibly customized for any specific customer case, while beating the costs and time consuming of building a unique solution from the scratch.

Frestems is the leading manufacturer for stretcher systems, because our ergonomics and usability is better than with special inhouse built solutions that are on the market. Our customized systems and solutions have been developed for numerous military vehicles, and deployed all around the world.

Ambulance Vehicle Design

Due to co-operation with the leading military vehicle manufacturers and land systems divisions, we can continue improving and developing our products even further. Frestems products designs, qualities and features are a perfect fit for demanding use.

Customised off-the-shelf (COTS) and modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) products

From the ProMIL’s product series, the standard products or COTS can be delivered off the shelf with normal lead times. Almost always this is the most cost effective option for the customer.

If the products don’t fit perfectly with the needs and requirements of the customer case, some of them can be easily customized to MOTS solutions, for example by varying specific dimensions.

If none of the other options fully fit with the customer’s needs, we can also provide a fully customized solution for the specific case.

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Maintenance & ILS

To help the end-users to have all relevant knowledge for through-life support of our products, we have an integrated logistics support (ILS).

Along with being highly effective and making sure none of the information gets lost in the way, ILS also helps to keep the lifetime costs to minimum.

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