Frestems’ own ProMIL family of products consists of different types of loading systems and other ambulance modules that can be customised and modified to the highest demands and most unique needs.

The following products are examples of our loading systems and other ambulance modules: we always design the solutions and if needed, modify the products according to our customers needs.

ProMIL 245 Wall Mounted Stretcher Loading System

ProMIL 245 treatment base is an innovative, technological breakthrough solution in loading field stretcher into vehicle. The system utilizes unique three dimensional motion to tilt and turn from the vehicle wall though the central part of the vehicle corridor and out from the rear doorway. ProMIL 245 is wall mounted stretcher system especially designed to be easily integrated into various types of military vehicles. The system allows ergonomic loading height to be achieved even for high vehicles and enables them to be transformed into ambulances.

By being wall mounted, ProMIL 245 enhances patient survivability in the case of mine blasts under the vehicle. Additional shock absorders can be mounted on special request. The Wall Fastened Stretcher System is the next generation stretcher fastening system for tomorrow’s military rescue and MEDEVAC operations.

Product Features:

  • Pivoting tilt and turn mechanism enables operation directly from side wall
  • Low loading height
  • Sideways sliding through pivoting arms
  • Forward extension
  • Automatic NATO locking for stretchers
  • Manual override functions for increased safety
  • Available with variety of stretcher platforms

ProMIL Wheels Military Main Stretcher

ProMIL Wheels is a revolutionary military main stretcher. It brings civilian level care and ergonomics to the rough environment of the battlefield. Light and sturdy carbon fiber ProMIL Wheels does everything civilian stretchers do, but it’s light, tough and has biggest wheels on business to allow easy transport in difficult terrain.

Ergonomics is important, as the biggest reason for medic down time are the injuries related to moving patients. ProMIL Wheels cuts those back as it’s designed to fulfil MIL-STD 1472H. ProMIL Wheels is meant to be used by two medics, but even one can carry and operate it if needed. The height when loading casualty to stretchers is about the same as with NATO field stretchers as is the space it requires when in the vehicle. Loading the casualty is easy even to high vehicles. ProMIL Wheels can be used with all new Frestems stretcher systems and an adapter allows the use with other NATO compatible platforms as well.

Product Features:

  • Light carbon fiber structure (23 kg)
  • Big 400 mm wheels
  • Patient fastening with 4-point harness, which can be operated with one hand
  • Easy to use. Even one can carry and operated if needed.

ProMIL 360 Hydraulic Lift Treatment Base

ProMIL 360 is a shock attenuating treatment base that offers premium level patient ergonomics even in the roughest terrain conditions, greatly improving patient survivability. Suspension and vertical stabilization attenuate wide range of vibration energy in health-critical frequencies. ProMIL 360 also enables broad position adjustment range and highly ergonomic operation with electrically powered functions. Maneuverability of the patient is outstanding, enabling height adjustment, sideways sliding, forwards sliding, extended loading at a tilted angle or horizontally, shock position and anti-shock position.

Product has been verified and deployed for use in tracked and wheeled vehicles and boats.

Product Features:

  • Power assisted height and angle adjustment through remote control
  • Extended and tilted loading operation
  • Suspension against vibration during transportation
  • Suspension on/off
  • Shock/anti-shock position
  • Sideways sliding
  • Forward extension
  • Emergency override

ProMIL 217 NATO Field Stretcher

ProMIL 217 is a lightweight and durable field stretcher designed specifically for easy carrying in the field and convenient loading and use inside vehicles. The stretcher can be folded sideways and secured to a small storage space.

ProMIL 217 field stretcher fulfills the latest edition of the NATO stretcher standard STANAG 2040 (AMedP-2.1) in all dimensions. This guarantees high compatibility with any fastening systems fulfilling the NATO standards.

For the safety of patients and treatment personnel inside the vehicles, ProMIL 217 has been designed to withstand the high accelerations that occur in crash situation. The field stretcher is certified and crash tested according to the European ambulance standard EN 1789.

The field stretcher’s retractable and lockable composite grip handles provide ergonomic and easy grip surfaces for the carriers. ProMIL 217 is equipped with a plastic coated net cover allowing fluid run through while still being easily sanitised. For use in high risk NBC environments, ProMIL 217 is available with a completely coated cover for effective decontamination.

Product Features:

  • Evacuation and transportation of patients
  • Retractable handles