Introducing Ergomy Series: Excellence in Patient Transport Versatility

Introducing the Ergomy Series: Where Ergonomy Meets Function

Ergomy Series is state-of-the-art line of patient mobility solutions designed to for civilian emergency medical services. Our Ergomy TOTAL and Ergomy CARBON systems offer advanced patient transport capabilities that ensure safety, comfort, and seamless integration across various medical environments.

Ergomy products are CE marked and MDR certified, guaranteeing compliance with European standards for medical equipment.

Ergomy TOTAL

The Ergomy TOTAL system is the epitome of ergonomic design and functionality, specifically crafted to minimize patient transfers and maximize efficiency. This comprehensive loading system includes features such as:

  • Electric Loading: Effortlessly load and unload patients with precision.
  • Sideways Slide and Over Extension: Enhance maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Automatic Locks: Ensure secure transport at all times.
  • Laser Height Indicator: Achieve optimal height adjustments for patient comfort and safety.

Weighing only 130 kg, the Ergomy TOTAL system is lightweight, contributing to improved fuel economy and compatibility with standard 3.5-ton ambulances. 

Ergomy CARBON Stretcher

The Ergomy CARBON Stretcher is a multifunctional, lightweight stretcher designed for diverse patient care scenarios. Key features include:

  • Compact and Versatile: Fits into elevators and small spaces, requiring no batteries for operation.
  • Low Profile and Stability: Maintains stability during movement, ideal for challenging terrains with large 200 mm wheels.
  • Extendable Handles: Facilitates easy carrying and navigation, especially in staircases.
  • Chair Mode: Occupies minimal space, making it perfect for confined environments.

With a weight of approximately 30 kg, the Ergomy CARBON Stretcher is easy to push, carry, and handle, even in the most demanding conditions.

  • "FrestEMS" Concept: Comprehensive Security

    Our concept of comprehensive security underscores the importance of interoperability between military and civilian medical resources, particularly in times of crisis. Frestems’ stretcher loading systems ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care from the point of injury to civilian hospitals. This compatibility is crucial for the efficient handover and sustained quality care across different operational spheres.

  • Why Choose Ergomy Series?

    • Advanced Mobility: Designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions while providing seamless integration with civilian medical care.
    • User-Friendly Design: Enhances the efficiency and safety of medical personnel, ensuring high-quality patient care.
    • Innovative Features: Includes electric assisted loading and automatic locking systems for secure and efficient transport.

    Explore the Ergomy Series and discover how our innovative solutions that provide unmatched ergonomics and functionality.