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Ergomy Carbon Multifunctional Stretcher for Patient Transport

Ergomy Carbon Multifunctional Stretcher for Patient Transport

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Ergomy CARBON is a technologically advanced main stretcher designed for use in ambulances. Its lightweight carbon fiber structure maximizes ergonomics for operators, allowing it to be easily carried and maneuvered.

Ergomy CARBON features freely-adjustable upper body position controls as well as incremental adjustments for knee elevation and head position, and can be configured into a chair position, eliminating the need for a separate chair system and saving space and costs in the vehicle. It is equipped with large wheels for operation in various terrains and can be carried using telescopic handles in extremely uneven terrain.

Product features

  • Compatibility: Fits approved fastening systems such as Ergomy Total, Ergomy Carbon and certain ProMIL systems.
  • Lightweight Design: Carbon fiber frame and platform, weighing only 29 kg (depending on options).
  • Payload Capacity: Supports a maximum payload of 230 kg for patient and equipment (150 kg in sitting position).
  • Ergonomic Adjustments: Adjustable back support, head support, and leg raise for various treatment positions.
  • Multi-Position Capability: High position, low position, chair position, and shock position.
  • Large Wheels: Equipped with Ø200mm wheels for easy movement in rough terrain.
  • Patient Safety: Features a 4-point harness and a separate belt for legs, with single-hand release locks.
  • Extendable Handles: Lockable pull-out handles for carrying.
  • Robust Materials: Made from carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and plastic composite.

Technical data

  • Weight: 29 kg (depending on options)
  • Temperature Range: Operational and storage: -35°C to +40°C
  • Crash Test: Compliant with EN 1789:2020, Chapter 5.3 (10G at six axes).
  • Certification: CE Marked, MDR Class I.

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