We offer high-class customised solutions combined with through-life support

Our goal is to increase patient survivability through the continuous development of our products. We strive to make them the absolute best, measured by ergonomics, logistics, safety, and usability. By leveraging cutting-edge material and manufacturing technologies, along with innovative design, we ensure our equipment meets the highest standards for patient care and medical efficiency.

Military-Grade Patient Transport Solutions

Frestems excels in solving vehicle manufacturers' challenges with advanced patient transport systems for military ambulances. Our ProMIL series, including state-of-the-art solutions like ProMIL 245 and ProMIL Wheels, ensures reliable, ergonomic, and efficient patient handling in the toughest conditions. Trust Frestems to deliver unparalleled safety and performance on the battlefield.

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Civilian solutions

Products for Civilian Emergency Medical Services

Ergomy Series is state-of-the-art line of patient mobility solutions designed to for... 

Ultimate Patient Transport

Ergomy Total and Ergomy Carbon

Effortless electric loading paired with unmatched maneuverability. Ergomy Total and Ergomy Carbon together deliver the ultimate in safety, efficiency, and comfort. Experience the gold standard in patient care solutions.

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Excellence in Patient Mobility

Frestems delivers top-tier patient transport solutions for civilian and military vehicles. Our advanced systems ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability in the toughest conditions. Engineered for durability and ease of use, Frestems ensures that emergency medical teams can provide the highest level of care. Dependable patient care with Frestems.