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battle proven solutions for military ambulances

Frestems is the leading manufacturer of military ambulance solutions. We’re designing solutions to protect and help those, whom protect us.

Our main focus is in patient evacuation equipment and ambulance interior solutions. Working with militaries and soldiers, all of our products must meet the most demanding requirements to save lives in hostile, challenging situations. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the ambulance vehicle, it’s internal layout is one of the most important things to consider.

Our goal is to exceed ourselves every time and increase patient survivability, by continuous development of our products. There is always a solution to make them the absolute best measured by ergonomics, logistics, safety and usability.

We offer high-class customised solutions combined with through-life support

Latest news

New directions!

The year is ending and it is time to wrap up our main activities from the current year for you. The year 2019 has
been a year of new developments. New solutions has been designed for military ambulances, new customers in
new countries have been gained, new processes has been adopted.

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