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ProMIL 350 Stretcher Loading System with Suspension

ProMIL 350 Stretcher Loading System with Suspension

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The ProMIL 350 is a floor-mounted stretcher loading system designed for use in rough terrain conditions within tracked or wheeled vehicles, and it is especially suited for unmanned vehicles. 

This system provides nonlinear shock absorption and vibration dampening with a two-axis shock absorption arrangement, offering a high level of protection against rough road conditions. This feature significantly increases comfort and the probability of survival for severely wounded patients.

The system is fully mechanical and does not require any external power, making it extremely reliable. Movements between different positions and the adjustment of dampening settings (soft, hard, locked) are manual. The system height is static but can be configured by design customization to fulfill vehicle-specific loading requirements.

By default, the system is equipped with a stretcher platform compatible with both NATO field stretchers and wheeled main stretchers, providing extended loading and sideways sliding capabilities.

Product features

  • Compatibility: Supports NATO field stretchers complying with AMedP-2.1 (STANAG 2040), as well as wheeled main stretchers such as ProMIL Wheels, Pensi CARBON, and Ergomy CARBON.
  • Shock Absorption: Two-axis suspension (height and tilt) with three settings (soft, hard, locked) optimized for health-critical frequencies (0-80Hz).
  • Loading Angle: 16° tilt for ergonomic loading.
  • Locking Mechanism: Automatic stretcher locking with manual backup. Opens automatically when the platform is extended to the loading position and closes when retracted.
  • Flexible Positioning: Offers 125 mm lateral displacement each way and 200 mm forward extension, allowing for precise positioning within the vehicle.
  • Loading Assistant: Gas spring provides 250N of effective assistance force for the retraction of the platform, aiding in both upwards and downwards movements.

Technical data

  • Materials: Anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Weight: Approximately 130 kg

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