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At Frestems, our mission is to support those who protect us by designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced equipment and systems for patient evacuation and ambulance layouts for both military and civilian use. We are driven by a commitment to prevent unnecessary deaths caused by inadequate and inefficient solutions, especially on the battlefield.

Frestems has long been recognized as the leading manufacturer of military ambulance solutions, dedicated to protecting and assisting those who serve. Our primary focus is on patient evacuation equipment and ambulance solutions. Collaborating with militaries, soldiers, and civilian emergency services, our products are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements to save lives in the most hostile and challenging environments.

The internal layout and logistics of our ambulance and evacuation vehicles are meticulously designed to guarantee seamless functionality. We provide medical personnel with optimal conditions to perform life-saving operations efficiently and safely, even in hectic and hostile situations. We design and manufacture solutions that ensure the most safe, fast, and efficient evacuation and patient care possible.

Our team is built on special expertise, with strong roots in the civilian ambulance market. For over 25 years, we have served our customers, innovating solutions that enhance survivability and reduce pre-hospital mortality. Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and increase patient survivability through the continuous development of our products. By prioritizing ergonomics, safety, and efficiency, we strive to offer the best possible solutions for both military and civilian users.

At Frestems, we are dedicated to enhancing patient survivability by focusing on superior design, robust performance, and unwavering reliability in all our products.

Our quality promise

Quality at Frestems is a result of careful planning and dedication. We invest substantial effort into creating designs that are both innovative and high-quality. Every aspect, from material selection to manufacturing techniques, is meticulously considered with unwavering attention to detail. Our products undergo rigorous verification testing, both in laboratory and field conditions, to ensure they meet the highest standards. If our product does not meet your standards, we will take it back without hesitation.

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