BAE Hägglunds

BAE Hägglunds

BAE Systems Hägglunds was awarded a contract from the Swedish Defence Material Administration to supply its BvS10 Mk IIB all-terrain “go-anywhere” armoured vehicles, designed for operation in the most demanding environments. The ambulance variant, with its outstanding functionality, was a key element in winning the trade. The contract was extended with a further 102 vehicles in December 2013, creating an impressive fleet of 150 vehicles, with a substantial number of ambulance variants. BAE Hägglunds’ vehicles were later equipped with Frestems’ ProMIL 245 stretcher systems, ensuring safe transportation of injured patients.

The Swedish Defence Forces and BAE Hägglunds wanted Frestems to offer stretcher fastening systems for the ambulance variants, recognizing Frestems’ capability based on previous engagements.

"We quickly noticed that the requirements for the ambulance stretcher systems were higher in this case than in any other we had encountered before. The environmental demands required a strong and robust solution. On the other hand, the limited space inside the vehicle created a need for a higher coefficient of difficulty," says Ari-Matti Vuorenoja, CEO of Frestems. The project began as an ALU – preliminary layout study. In this study, a variety of solutions were introduced using existing products from the military product family ProMIL as the basis for design.

Together with Hägglunds experts, Frestems’ ProMIL 245 stretcher system was chosen as the best possible option. The ProMIL 245 was originally designed for and delivered only to extremely high vehicles to ease the otherwise near-impossible task of lifting stretcher patients from the ground into the vehicle. Its unique mechanical design was a key element in finding the best possible choice. The ProMIL 245, with its modular design, was again unbeatable.

In this case, the ProMIL 245 mechanism was designed to make the stretcher system suitable for the customer’s special needs. According to Vuorenoja, after the selection, the journey began toward winning the trade. He emphasizes that close cooperation to tailor the system for the BvS10 vehicle interface and to meet the requirements started already at the tender phase.

"The scale of the project demanded a comprehensive plan to manage all aspects, from system safety, risk assessment, and quality assurance to product design and ILS (Integrated Logistic Support). For example, the ILS package we delivered was more extensive than before, which was a great opportunity to learn BAE Hägglunds’ way of operating," Vuorenoja says.

The ProMIL 245 stretcher system turned out to be an excellent choice, passing all the designed tests flawlessly. Basic series deliveries were made on time, and we were acknowledged by both BAE Hägglunds and the end customer. Vuorenoja highlights that the customer credited Frestems for excellent cooperation, design, and project management, along with the final product. Production for the option systems will start in autumn 2014.

"We also felt that the project was comfortable in every aspect, and we enjoyed cooperating with Hägglunds employees in the great atmosphere there," Vuorenoja adds.

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