Frestems ILS – optimal support through life

Frestems has an integrated logistics support (ILS) for all deliverables. That enables through-life support for the products, as well as keeps any lifetime costs to minimum. Our ILS process is based on leading military standards and best practices, that are derived from decades of experience in the field.

The ILS process has two main targets:

To contribute to designing reliable products, that are safe to use and require minimum maintenance.
Enable the creation of a cost effective, justified and well documented support solution with good traceability.

The optimal level of ILS activities and ILS deliverables are determined in the beginning of each project. Integrated logistic support package can include the following:

  1. Integrated Logistic Support Plan (ILSP)
  2. Reliability engineering program plan
  3. Maintainability engineering program plan
  4. FMECA & RCM analysis
  5. Reliability model
  6. Maintainability model
  7. Logistic Support Analysis Plan (LSAP)
  8. Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC)
  9. Special Tools and Test Equipment (STTE) list
  10. Initial Provisioning List (IPL)
  11. Critical Item List (CIL)
  12. Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation (SPTD)
  13. NATO codification data
  14. Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis
  15. Operators manual
  16. Maintenance and repair manuals up to desired level
  17. Spare Parts Catalogue (SPC)
  18. Installation instructions
  19. Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) instructions
  20. Disposal report & instructions
  21. Ease of Maintenance Assessment / Maintenance demonstration
  22. Training support material
  23. Operator training
  24. Maintenance training
  25. Installation training
  26. Virtual operator training environment
  27. Virtual maintenance training environment
  28. Initial spare part package
  29. Special Tools and Test Equipment
  30. Technical assistance and help desk services
  31. Obsolescence report