Introducing ProMIL 150: Secure Stretcher Transport for Military and Civilian Use


With the ever-evolving needs of medical transportation in both military and civilian sectors, we are thrilled to unveil the ProMIL 150. Designed with a comprehensive security concept in mind, this innovative system is set to revolutionize how stretchers are loaded and transported in ambulances and medevac vehicles.

Key Features

Versatility at Its Best: Suitable for both military and civilian main stretchers as well as NATO field stretchers.

Optimized for Soft Van-Type Vehicles: A perfect fit for a wide range of medical transport vehicles, like Crafter, Sprinter etc.

Advanced Loading Mechanism: Features linear extension for stretcher loading, automatic stretcher locking, a forward extended position, and sideways sliding capabilities.

Safety First: Integrated harness fixing points allow for the secure fastening of non-tested NATO field stretchers, ensuring compliance with EN1789 crash safety requirements.

User-Friendly Design: Ergonomically designed handles and controls make the system intuitive and easy to use.

The ProMIL 150 doesn’t just stop at innovative design and safety. Its robust construction, crafted from durable materials, promises heavy-duty use with minimal maintenance. And with a service life of up to 8 years, when following manufacturer-approved maintenance guidelines, it’s an investment that’s built to last.


For more information about the ProMIL 150 or to schedule a demonstration, please contact!